Special Products

Non-Standard Rubber Sheeting

Regal Rubber is known for its commitment to quality and innovation. We recognise, however, that customer requirements are wide and varied and our ability to present a solution to all applications is limited.
With years of product manufacturing and development Regal offer an unrivalled expertise in application solutions and we invite you our customers to talk to us and take advantage of that experience.
Typically we identify and develop modern formulations to suit obsolete specifications or ‘type approved’ materials where the original manufacturer is no longer trading.
These specifications include DTD, MIL-R, AMS, ASTM D2000, ZZR, NFL,
In addition to Regal Rubber’s technical support we offer Ultra-Thin Un-reinforced sheeting manufactured to order in thickness’s as low as 0.3mm in most standard polymergrades and Diaphragm sheeting typically reinforced with Nylon, Nomex, Polyester, and Glass Fibre in a limited range of polymers.
Whilst our standard stock roll width is 1400mm for rubber sheeting we offer the option of up to 2000mm wide material in many grades. This is subject to minimum production quantities and there are limits on thickness and length due to bulk handling constraints.


Heavy Duty Impact Protection

Suitable for use both internally and externally in areas where heavy duty protection is required for walls or columns, Regal Rubber offers products that can be bolted or bonded in situ in a range of profiles.
Available in lengths up to 3mtr our products are strong, resilient and durable in a wide variety of environments such as storage areas, car parks and loading bays.
For marine applications we offer large and small D shaped Square and Hollow Cylindrical Fender profiles.
We also manufacture to order large section Dock and Pier Fenders to customer specification.
As part of our continual product development programme Regal Rubber has successfully trialled new co-extruded profiles with vibrant yellow top facing to allow our client to offset lettering appropriate to the localisation.
RegMount 362 Anti-Vibration Material
RegMount 362 is a high specification Anti-Vibration material used across the world to isolate Transformer Equipment.
The product is a premium grade material with excellent Ozone and Oil resistance, this combined with high compressive strength and low creep rate are principally why it has been successfully used for over 25 years.
The material is arguably the product of choice for most major transformer supply and installation companies, and with recent installations being undertaken as far away as China and Singapore we have no doubt the materials reputation is continuing to grow.


Expansion Bellows

Rubber and Fabric Expansion Bellows are critical requirements across a range of production plant applications in industries as diverse as Power & Utility to Paper & Pulp. We supply high quality products to suit the most demanding of customer applications.
With bellow diameters ranging from 25mm to 3,000mm and lengths from 100mm to 1000mm, the scope is wide ranging.
To accommodate this scope of supply and dependent upon the composition of the bellows the company offers both moulded and hand built bellows.
All products are designed to exacting standards and quality controlled, and can be individually pressure tested subject to cost, either in house or independently and with or without client witnessing.
In addition to standard materials Regal also supply Metal and PTFE Expansion Bellows where the applications demand higher pressure or increased chemical resistance.

Playground Matting

Rubber safety tiles are designed to cushion falls and provide a non-slip play surface even when wet. They are specifically designed for play areas where child safety is of utmost importance.
Our products are typically 1mtr x 1mtr and are manufactured in a range of thickness’s and colours to suit your application. Some colours will be subject to minimum production batches.
Thicker tiles are designed to achieve great impact absorption around equipment such as climbing frames. A drop height analysis is available to offer some guidance on the appropriate tile thickness to be applied in any particular application.


Grass Matting

Honeycomb grass mats are ideal for both ground protection and allowing new grass growth on worn areas.
They can be used to create a pathway for wheelchair access, reducing mud in heavily used areas and to provide an anti-slip surface on existing grass, hard standing or stoned area.
Grass mats can be laid quickly and easily with minimal fuss and are simple to uplift and re-use in different areas.
Regal typically supply 1mtr x 1mtr mats in 23mm thick

Bridge Bearings & Joints

Regal Rubber has been a supplier of materials and products to the Civil Engineering sector for over 50 years. The Company offers a comprehensive range of products for both subcontract suppliers and construction partners.
Regal’s range of Elastomeric materials and Bridge Bearings are comprehensive and manufactured to the highest standards as would be expected for such critical applications.
Regal elastomeric bearings can be supplied to most common standards including BS5400, EN1337-3, DIN 4141-14 and AASHTO
Laminated elastomeric bearings are a widely used type of bridge bearing installed in structures all over the world. Regal laminated bearings are manufactured using steel reinforcing plates between layers of synthetic chloroprene or natural rubber.
The steel plates are enveloped by the rubber, bonding them together to for an elastomeric bearing suitable of working to the requisite compression and shear load to be applied.
The load limits of an elastomeric bearing are a function of its size and number of reinforcing steel plates and the method of fixing or restraint.
To complete our range Regal Rubber supply elastomeric bridge bearings; bridge expansion joints; vibration isolation pads; plain or laminated movement joints.