The instantly recognisable structure, the Forth Road Bridge has been suffering from corrosion to its high tensile steel cables. Regal Rubber were approached to help with the solution.

We supplied 26mm thick 60 Shore Neoprene gaskets which helped seal the clamps which were fitted over the two-foot diameter cables and tightened until they were airtight. a powerful vacuum was then used to suck out any remaining air while a resin was pumped in to act as a corrosion inhibitor. Once the resin had set, the clamps were removed leaving a perfect, anti-corrosion coating around the cable.

We have manufactured a number of rubber items for the Forth Bridge project and this demonstrates our ability to work in partnership with organisations, to develop innovative, bespoke solutions that address a particular need, in this case, designing a solution to help prevent the corrosion of vital, high tensile steel cables.