Roll Covering Consultancy Service

Whether you’re a small industrial roll covering company, a successful multi-national or a new start-up operation, Regal Rubber Partnership LLP, in conjunction with it’s strategic partners, can help you set-up and develop a successful roller covering business.
Our policy is to work closely with our clients at every stage of the project, from concept, through the planning and development phase, to start-up and production. Comprehensive technical assistance is provided throughout to ensure the best roll covers are produced and delivered to the end user.

Our expertise is in the manufacturing of industrial and paper industry roller coverings however we can also provide advice on spreader roll manufacturing and servicing.

Technology Transfer
Step 1:
The client’s requirements and target markets are discussed in detail and a full proposal and cost estimate is provided.
N.B. Regal Rubber Partnership LLP do not supply or install equipment however we can assist with the purchasing of equipment and the recommendation of an approved engineering contractor if required.
Step 2:
When the scope of the project and the costs have been agreed, a contract detailing the extent of Regal Rubber Partnership LLP’s involvement will be drawn up.

Step 3:
Regal Rubber Partnership LLP will provide a full set of technical specifications including raw material requirements, formulations, process documentation, international industry standards, etc, to allow the client to produce roll coverings of the highest standard for any industry.
Regal Rubber Partnership LLP will also provide on-site expertise, when relevant, to ensure acceptable quality levels are being achieved and production starts as smoothly as possible.
Step 4:
The contract will only conclude when the client is satisfied that their employees can meet the standards required of their customers.
In the case of a Licensee arrangement the client will also automatically receive specification updates, notification of new products and process changes, etc, as and when they happen.
N.B. Regal Rubber Partnership LLP reserve the right at all times to change their roll cover specifications subject to the changes in customer demand. We are always developing our product range to meet the ever more demanding applications in today’s market place.

Planning & Development:
In the case of a new start-up operation the first consideration is the size and lay-out of the plant.

Using the latest CAD techniques a plant lay-out utilizing the concepts of ‘lean-manufacturing’ will be developed.

Technical Specifications:
Regal Rubber Partnership LLP have a comprehensive database of roll covering material formulations for every application however our expertise is in paper industry applications specifically.
These include cover materials based on natural and synthetic rubber, polyurethane and composite.
In most cases, start-up operations will commence with rubber covering which generally satisfy most requirements. From rubber, clients may progress to polyurethane and composite covering, depending on their customer’s process and particularly for those applications where toughness and high wear resistance are paramount.
(Composite materials produce very hard roll coverings and are generally restricted to use in paper calendering applications).
Whatever the application, Regal Rubber Partnership LLP has suitable cover formulations within its extensive product range.

Roll Cover Production:
Regal Rubber Partnership LLP will take your company through every step of the manufacturing process. The main elements of the roll covering process include, compounding & mixing, compound testing, roll preparation and covering, vulcanisation, machining & grinding, inspection and despatch.
The amount of work required on the roll will depend on the actual application however we have the experience and expertise to advise on all aspects of roll cover manufacture for every conceivable application.
In summary, using Regal Rubber Partnership LLP will give your company the best available roll cover advice and value for money.

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