Two 'Beatrice' off-shore jackets fitted with J-tube guides, rubber lined with Regal Rubber's
seawater grade neoprene, heading out to the Moray Firth.

​​​Over the years, Regal Rubber has become increasingly involved with the rubber lining of off-shore and marine products.

Rubber Lining of Off-Shore Guides

Regal Rubber have completed many Caisson guide and clamp lining contracts for a multitude of oil and gas platforms and more recently, J-tube lining for off-shore wind-farm installations. These linings are generally manufactured with our ribbed, seawater grade neoprene compound, and can be either hot or cold bonded to the inside surfaces of the guides. (Cold bonding is done with special epoxy based resins whilst hot bonding is done using rubber-to-metal proprietary adhesives and vulcanised in an autoclave).

Typical Manufacturing Procedure:

  1. Inspection of guide or clamp metalwork.                                    
  2. Guide is marked with unique I.D. number.
  3. Metal de-greased if necessary prior to grit-blasting.
  4. Inside guide surfaces grit-blasted to ISO 8502-3.
  5. Metal surfaces coated with primer and proprietary adhesives. 
  6. Rubber compound tested to BS 903
  7. Rubber lining applied to inside metal surface.
  8. Hot bonded guides are cured inside computer controlled vulcanizer.
  9. Finished linings inspected for hardness and dimensional accuracy.

See our latest news page for recent contracts completed by Regal Rubber!

Rubber Lining of Trawler Boat Sheaves

The puretic power block is a special kind of mechanised winch used to haul nets on fishing vessels. The power block is a large powered aluminium pulley incorporating a 'V' or 'W' shaped sheave which is protected with a specially designed neoprene rubber coating. At one time many men were needed for the back-breaking work of hauling a purse seine manually however the same work can now be carried out with fewer men using a power block.

Trawler fitted with power block and sheave lined by Regal Rubber

The puretic power block revolutionized the technology of hauling fishing nets, particularly purse seine nets. 

  These rubber lined 'sheaves' come
   in various shapes and sizes, all of
   which can be successfully rubber lined
   with Regal's seawater grade rubber